Update History

  • Added support for three new species (double-crested cormorant, rainbow trout, and northern leopard frog) for EcoToxChip analysis (05/02/2023);
  • Upgraded the web framework to PrimeFaces 12.0.0 (11/03/2022);
  • Fixed a bug when doing DR with single replicate (05/27/2022);
  • Various feature enhancements and code refactoring based on user feedback (05/23/2022);
  • Upgraded the R version to 4.1.3 (05/15/2022);
  • Fixed the issue with reading empty lines in user uploaded data (03/23/2022);
  • Upgraded RNAseq processing to use our ExpressAnalyst platform (01/21/2022);
  • Added the support for user specified group orders for graphical display (01/21/2022);
  • Updated web framework to PrimeFaces 11 (01/07/2022);
  • Fixed bug in GDC QA/QC plot (11/29/2021);
  • Add resources page with links to annotation files for EcoToxChips and EcoToxModules; Fixed error in one EcotoxModule entry for Xla (11/05/2021);
  • Enhanced exception handling for dose response curve analysis (11/02/2021);
  • Added support for XLA v1 chip (10/12/2021);
  • Enhanced dose response normalization and curve fitting based on user feedback (10/04/2021);
  • Fixed bug with differential expression for quantile normalized chip data (09/23/2021);
  • Added exception handling for dealing with unexpected values chip data (08/26/2021);
  • Fixed issue for table sorting and better support for advanced comparisons in differential analysis (06/11/2021);
  • Fixed the bug for dose response curve analysis (05/04/2021);
  • Upgraded to PrimeFaces 10.0 (04/28/2021);
  • Fixed issue associated with user register and log in (04/26/2021);
  • Fixed issue associated with result table pagination (04/21/2021);
  • Updated FAQs based on user comments (04/18/2021);
  • Increased file limits for qPCR file upload (04/06/2021);
  • Fixed bug when greater than 3 experimental conditions for qPCR analysis. Added aop.rds files for AOP results table (03/24/2021);
  • Updated module annotation based on manual assignments (03/22/2021);
  • Bug fix with reference class selection in DEA (03/02/2021);
  • Analysis of 'omics data moved to ExpressAnalyst (02/23/2021);
  • Raw data processing moved to the Galaxy Server (02/23/2021);
  • Added interactive Sankey plot for explore the results from EcoToxChip analysis (02/23/2021);
  • Users can now click on a well in the EcoToxChip plate to view a violin plot summary (02/23/2021);
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