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EcoToxChip (qPCR) results file(s) upload

Please upload one or several EcoToxChip qPCR data files below. Files should be .txt or .csv format with two columns, the first for well ID and the second for raw Ct values. Each file should have the same well IDs. All values in the Ct column should be numeric, except for non-detects or missing values which should be denoted with "NA". A maximum of 50 files can be analyzed at one time. Download this example data set to see how uploaded files should be formatted. First time users are advised to explore EcoToxXplorer using one of the example data sets that can be accessed by clicking "Try Example".

Example qPCR Data
Differential expression C. japonica (Japanese quail) Chlorpyrifos exposure study with 15 samples (5 controls, 5 medium and 5 high dose samples). (Download Original study)
Differential expression X. laevis (African clawed frog) HBCD exposure study with 6 samples (3 controls and 3 high dose samples). (Download Original study)
Differential expression P. promelas (Fathead minnow) Ethinylestradiol (EE2) exposure study with 6 samples (3 solvent controls, and 3 high dose samples). (Download Original study)
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