EcoToxXplorer is designed primarily to support the development and evaluation of quantitative PCR arrays (EcoToxChips). It will also provide a general analytical environment to help understand different omics data sets generated in the project (RNAseq, proteomics and metabolomics). Together with our knowledge base (EcoToxDB), they will allow end users for high-quality data analysis, interpretation and prediction.


  • Statistcal Backend
    Majority of the statistical analyses are based on R (3.4.1) using R packages below:
    "limma", "vsn", "HTqPCR", "edgeR", "DESeq2", "lattice", "Cairo","igraph","stringr", "RColorBrewer", "data.table","compiler", "genefilter", "preprocessCore", "RJSONIO"
  • Web Framework
    The web application has been developed based on JavaServer Faces (JSF) using libraries below: "PrimeFaces (v6.2)", "jQuery EasyUI", "Sigma.js", "EChart.js", "CanvasXpress"
  • Server Information
    The EcoToxXplorer is currently hosted on a Google Cloud Engine with 8 CPU cores and 32G memory.
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