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You can copy and paste your list of significant genes with optional associated p values or fold changes separated by tab. A small example data is shown below (first column: Entrez ID, second column: fold change):

5743	24.25
3552	21.85
6364	14.64
3553	13.07
10148	10.87
6349	9.19
3620	-8.38
50486	-7.25
2919	-6.96
3557	-6.4
629	-6.07
27074	-6.02

Example Gene Lists
Gene list 1
Organism: Mouse
ID Type: Entrez Gene ID
TREM-1 activation (96 genes)
Gene list 2
Organism: Fathead Minnow
ID Type: Entrez Gene ID
P. promelas example (68 genes)
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